We are Janene and Don Stephens, and you've reached our home on the Web.  If you were looking for us, we are glad you were successful.  If you just happened upon us by accident, please check us out.  We're sure you'll be impressed by what you see.

Mystic Acres Kennels has been in the Enumclaw, WA area since 1969, as a long time breeder of German Shepherds.  In 1985 we began our interest in Rottweilers and have now phased out German Shepherds in favor of this wonderful line of Rottweilers.  We also have a training facility where we conduct classes in obedience, personal protection and conformation.  Janene has been training dogs for the past 35 or more years.  Don became active in the business some 8 years ago. 

We are located in Enumclaw Washington about 30 miles South East of Seattle Washington.  We are code-of-ethics breeders of quality Holland line Rottweilers. We show in both conformation and obedience.  Mystic Acres produces a line of Rottweilers that is extraordinary.  They have the classic European look, stout bodies, lots of bone, square heads with short muzzles, solid top line, overall outstanding conformation.  They have a gentle loving look in their eyes that reflects their temperament.  This line, with out a doubt produces the most devoted dogs with which we have ever dealt.  Whether the choice is for show or family member they are intelligent, easy to train, devoted and great with children.

About our logo: 

We commissioned a wood carver to make a bigger than life statue of a Rottweiler which is located at the entrance of our property.  We decorate the statue for each season, holiday, or event for the enjoyment of the people passing our kennel.  This statue has become a landmark.  Cards and letters come to us from all over the U.S. telling us how they enjoy the statue.